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2018: Premiere for acoustex

New Trade Fair for Noise Control and Sound Design in Dortmund

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Dortmund will experience the world premiere of a new trade fair in 2018. acoustex, the first Trade Fair for Noise Control and Sound Design, will have its premiere on 10/11 October. The trade fair concept is based on a trend: the increasing demand for acoustically effective buildings and rooms, low-vibration and nice-sounding products and low-noise means of transport and traffic routes. Exactly these topics will be the focus of acoustex at the Dortmund Exhibition Centre in 2018. Exhibitor registration has already started.

The trade fair topics promise growing sales. An economic forecast by the market researchers of Allied Market Research, for example, shows that the global market for noise protection measures will increase from the currently about USD 9.8 billion to USD 14.6 billion in 2022.

Companies that offer products and solutions for noise control and sound design have until now predominantly exhibited at the flagship trade fair of their sector, where however acoustic issues often play only a subordinate role because of the numerous trade fair topics. The result is much waste coverage. Furthermore, on the demand side, the specialists in acoustic issues have until now not been offered a precisely tailored offer. Noise control and sound design are the only leading topics at acoustex.

“acoustex fills a gap in the trade fair landscape. Vendors of acoustically effective products and solutions will meet specialists from various sectors with matching projects. Efficient finding of new contacts and a practice-oriented exchange of information are objectives of the trade fair,” said Sabine Loos, CEO of Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH.

An accompanying programme of more than 100 hours with lectures and panel discussions ensures a high-quality trade fair offer. The acoustex topics have the headings; architecture, industry und traffic.

Architecture und Interior
Building and room acoustics in harmony with architecture – that is a requirement not only architects and interior planners but also building contractors and fitters and interior designers are increasingly faced with. The number of builder-owners and clients who attach great importance to building or room acoustics is continuously increasing because the value of a building or a room is not only determined by its look – it must also offer adequate acoustic qualities and functions to suit its intended use.
The Architecture (Building & Interior) topic therefore focuses on products and services that have a positive acoustic effect on buildings and rooms through sound reduction or special acoustic design. Such include:

• Wall, ceiling and floor covering with highly-effective acoustic properties
• Soundproof windows, doors and insulation
• Sound-absorbing furniture, lighting and pictures
• Mobile room solutions
• Noise cancellation, noise masking and sound design technologies

Builder-owners, architects, specialist planners and engineers, building contractors, interior designers and furnishers, property developers and fitters, and facility managers are awaited as trade visitors.  
Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry
Engineers need innovative and state-of-the-art materials, instruments, measuring devices, test rigs and software solutions for their research and development work in the noise control and sound design areas. With those aids, they find a solution for loud, vibrating, rattling, and simply annoying product noise and ambient noise. They move the disturbing noise out of the human hearing range or influence the noise and its frequencies in such a way that it is perceived as pleasant.
The Industry (Materials, Equipment & Production) topic also shows how manufacturing and industrial workplaces can be designed to regain a pleasant work climate – for greater efficiency of the people who work there. Exhibits include, for example:

• Fleece, fabrics and textiles
• Measuring instruments and devices
• Test rigs
• Acoustic booths
• Vibration damping / Structure-borne noise reduction
• Software solutions
Exhibitors from the scientific and further training areas and associations will also find a suitable environment for presenting their work and offer to a wide range of knowledgeable visitors. 
Trade visitors addressed by this topic area are engineers and technicians from Research & Development, purchasers of acoustically effective solutions, product developers and designers of products with vibration and noise attenuation, test rig operators, builders of production sites and facilities, production system and machinery planners and process managers.
Less Traffic Noise
Manufacturers of means of transport, builders and planners of traffic routes must take into account that public attention is increasingly focusing on the reduction of noise emission. Their endeavours in this direction are driven by statutory limit values and the customers’ wish for quieter and hence more pleasant mobility.  The aim is to achieve more quality of life both in the vehicle and on and along the traffic routes.
As part of the Traffic (Vehicles & Transit) topic, the supplier industry will show which solutions and technologies are available to promote a quieter or simply nicer-sounding environment. To ensure that people find travelling pleasant and relaxing again and can pleasantly live in the vicinity of traffic routes and means of transport with a low noise emission level. The following products and topics are on offer:

• Vibration damping / Structure-borne noise reduction for traffic
• Noise barriers for road and rail
• Silencers / Sound absorbers
• Noise cancellation technologies
• Sound design for vehicles
Development engineers and technicians, builders at federal / state authority level and municipalities, for road, tunnel, rail and noise protection construction, traffic route planners with a focus on noise protection planning and representatives of road and rail construction companies, civic participation, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and physicians who deal with the health aspects of noise protection and sound insulation are awaited as trade visitors.

The acoustex trade fair offers expert forums with about 60 individual lectures and best-practice tours on the day before the trade fair, the Network Night in the evening of the first trade fair day and various guided tours for the trade visitors from Germany and the neighbouring European countries. Special stand construction packages make participation in the trade fair very easy for interested exhibitors. The first industry giants, some of them market leaders, have already confirmed their participation in acoustex 2018.
Detailed information on the acoustex premiere on 10 and 11 October 2018 can be found at www.acoustex.de.



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