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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Target Groups

The visitor target groups can be divided up into the following three sectors:

Silent Living & Working


  • Builder-owners and property developers under public and private law
  • Architects
  • Specialist planners and engineers
  • Building contractors
  • Wholesalers / retailers for interior building materials


  • Builder-owners / property developers for office buildings, hotels, hospitals, cultural and event sites
  • Interior designers
  • Interior furnishers
  • Property developers and fitters
  • Exhibition stand builders and shop fitters
  • Facility Managers


  • Builders of production sites and facilities
  • Production system and machinery planners
  • Process Managers
  • Engineers and technicians from Research & Development of acoustically effective solutions
  • Product developers / designers of products with vibration or noise attenuation
  • Buyers from further processing companies with a focus on acoustically effective solutions
  • Test rig operators in production

Silent City

  • Builders at federal / state authority level and municipalities
  • Traffic route planners with a focus on noise protection planning
  • Road and rail construction companies
  • NORAH stakeholders (civic participation, non-governmental organisations, physicians, etc.)
  • Urban planners and developers
Stand booking