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˅ Exhibition Overview ˅

Media partners

Mot-Bau is the indepentent medium for road construction and civil engineering. It is a german technical magazine for construction vehicles, constuction equipment/tools, building materials, software and logistics. Mot-Bau is one of the most important magazines for the construction branch for almost 50 years now.

„Lärmbekämpfung“ is the only German journal covering the complete field of noise control. It reports on physical, psychological, social and economic effects of noise. “Lärmbekämpfung” provides detailed and qualified issues on noise measurement and evaluation but also on technical, legal and organizational aspects of noise.

Picture: DAS BÜRO

'Das Büro' is the only German office magazine which covers the entire spectrum of office related topics. 'Das Büro' informs decision-makers about outstanding developments regarding office culture, office equipment, office technology and office supplies, focusing particularly on ergonomics, health, design aesthetics, quality, innovation, sustainability and economy. 'Das Büro' is competent, compact and complete.

Picuture: Logo OFFICE ROXX

Since September 2015 OFFICE ROXX („the official office blog“) has been the only blog which provides information about modern offices in all its facets. Its categories include office culture, office equipment, office technology and office supplies. Featured are news, product recommendations and comparisons, guest posts, user and fair reports, checklists, tips, tests, press roundups, reviews and many more.

Picuture: Logo Quiet please!

The acoustics campaign Quiet please! advocates for better room acoustics. Using public relations activities, it creates awareness for chances and necessities regarding acoustically effective solutions. The network consists of many renowned partners, including experts, producers, retailers and institutions. Its advice is independent, competent and solution-oriented.

In addition to presenting modern cleaning technologies and cleaning agents, "SAUBER - Magazin für Verkehrsmittel-Reinigung" reports on the optimisation of cleaning processes, shows potential savings, highlights the topic of environmental protection and introduces innovative companies and service providers. Other topics include green maintenance, occupational safety, safety and surface technology.

The "Privatbahn Magazin" (PriMa) is the modern business magazine of the railway industry. Every two months, the magazine presents innovative rail transport companies from the passenger and freight transport sectors and reports extensively on the technical and economic development of rail as a mode of transport. PriMa informs experts in detail and offers the general public comprehensibly prepared insights into the most efficient mode of transport of the future.

Logo: Bahn Fachverlag

Bahn Fachverlag has been providing reliable, practice-based, specialist information for the purposes of training and further training since 1947. The programme - print and online - now revolves around publications that convey specialist knowledge of railway operations and railway technology and explain the overall context of the integrated systems that make up the rail network.

Bauphysik is the only German specialist journal dealing with all areas of building physics. The journal reflects topics like noise insulation and acoustics, fire protection, thermal insulation, energy saving building and interior climate and daylight.

md INTERIOR | DESIGN | ARCHITECTURE - the international platform for high-quality interior design and sophisticated furniture

Logo: Eisenbahn Ingenieure

The core element of the monthly magazine EI - DER EISENBAHNINGENIEUR is technically oriented technical articles from the entire rail traffic. It covers the entire range of modern railway technology from the track to the vehicle and its practical operation.

Under the Eurailpress brand, a broad portfolio of publications for the rail transport industry appears, which are market leaders in German-speaking countries. Well-founded technical articles from all segments of the railway system as well as current news and background information are offered to specialists and experts as well as entrepreneurs and managers.

For more than 60 years, the monthly ETR Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau has seen itself as a source of inspiration for the railway system with expert contributions from all areas of the railway industry: passenger and freight transport, infrastructure and technology, industry and science.

DER NAHVERKEHR is the leading monthly magazine with well-founded specialist articles on the entire spectrum of public transport topics. In DER NAHVERKEHR, proven experts write about transport policy and law, transport economics and marketing, operations and personnel as well as infrastructure and vehicles.